October 6, 2017

yay my first MRI
Holly and a margarita 
pew pew

September 19, 2017

Thanks Austin for the photo! Glad you guys surprised me. Awesome times.
Chris's quiver
yeah thats a custom skateboard rack
another camp mission. man I really need to get a back and side racks
yes i do

September 6, 2017

Ash from the Eagle Creek fire that started in Cascade Locks, OR. This is completely unreal for me. First time in my life I have seen ash rain from the sky like snow. Been hazy for over a week. The moon has been red multiple times this week from the fire glow on it. Smells like when at a crowed campsite and the first dude re starts his fire in the morning from the night before. The burnt logs with the fresh stuff on top. Roaming threw the whole campsite before most people wake. Crazy to think I'm getting that while in the middle of a major city. Also crazy to think how close this fire really is, and the homes it's destroying where I just drove threw a few weeks ago. 
ah the river of the west coast. 
River Rattray and son
Thanks Brian
first motorcycle ride with other dudes to go camp. pretty tight
uh sick

August 24, 2017

Bon Wagner visit

Brian came out for a little. Hopefully a really shitty video to follow this.

 Eclipse Brian