January 29, 2019

fixing phone cases. 
Road side attractions. 
Pit stop
Pit stop
Cleaning out my truck lead to to much shit in my life.
Little Mountain in the backround. Of all the tree's they didn't chop down where i stopped, those two got in the way. hah.
Aww my love.... and her dork face
Little day off, workwear try on day for Holly by the water
All gutted out for sale
Evan doing some mug prep work
getting my mug fixed
whoa boy
my new life

December 24, 2018

ah farewell moon

December 19, 2018

Some of my last days at this hell hole

December 11, 2018

New phone. New photo's. New posts. Oh yah

November 26, 2018

Work pit stop.
Ahhh more dirty.
Getting a new back tire b/c i want to. Also in the rain.
Made a work bench, and a moto stand before work the other week. Left over wood from my old bed frame
NOOOOOOOOO!!! After 10 years! It breaks! It will return
trying to get my truck to this status now.