June 22, 2017

ah fine meats cooked on a open gril in the middle of the dining room. my kinda place
poor little fella was dead in our back room.

June 16, 2017

back to the PNW
Flight back to Portland, and Holly and Kaelin have met
Thanks Wes for the best on the road meal every. I miss it
I go fancy every now and then
15 years ago portrait drawing by the lovely Emily Morrow pictured at the bottom. BGP's parents portrait. 
Thanks Chris
Thanks Chris
Thanks Chris
Nice work mr. evans. Thanks again
Damn, Secrets is already on it
First dinner with the folks in a while. 
Stay Irie
Brian and some amazing margarita's! 
Not bad West Philly, not bad at all
So pumped
Holly's pumped on it to
Philly City
yeah right Dane
oh how i've missed the
Back on the east coast where things just relate.
aw the pretty roses